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What is spray tanning and how it will work?

Spray tanning is a self-tanning process and it is achieved without being exposed to sun’s rays. It uses Dihydroxyacetone as the mainingredient. The purpose of the artificial agent is to deliver tanning effects for at least three to seven days. Even though the spray will not give any protection from the sun’s harmful rays, it can be applied without any side effects. Celebrities and models will go for spray tanning as it can deliver the color of their choice instantly.

Application of spray tanning

The Spray Tan can be applied by using a variety of devices. If you visit a specially designed beauty salon, you will have access to various kinds of nozzles and jets. The spray can be applied on the body as per your needs.

You can use an airbrush or air gun to apply the spray. The size of the gun will be smaller than the painter’s gun and there will be great mobility with the device. The spray is available in bottle form as well. There are many brands in the market and most of the brands use almost same ingredients in the preparation of the spray. However, the results vary from one product to another product and based on the application procedure and technique.

What are the benefits?

There is a great difference between spray tan and other tanning products such as creams, gels, and mousses.

Spray tanning can be performed very easily. The process can be completed at home or salon in the shortest possible time. After the application of the spray on your body, the blending will be done in a skillful manner. The spray tanning will be accomplished very quickly. After few experiments, you will settle for the best color and evenness.

Cons of spray tanning

The color achieved from spray tanning varies from one person to another person. The spray will spread all over your body. The greatest drawback of spray tanning is its cost. It is very expensive than the self-tanning products available in the market. You can minimize the cost by subscribing to a package.

Preparation for spray tanning

The tips offered by experts will help you prepare for the spray tanning in a very efficient way.

  • Before visiting the salon, you should complete waxing or shaving operation. The waxing can be done one day before the spray tanning.
  • The skin should go through the exfoliation one day before the procedure so that the dead skin cells will be eliminated and there will be better results.
  • The moisturizers and make up products should be removed before applying spray tanning. Thus, you can avoid streaky appearance.
  • The spray tan solution should be applied and left for overnight. You should not apply any moisturizer on the next day. No soap should be applied for at least 8 hours after the spray tanning. You will get best results by abstaining from soap.
  • You can apply Vaseline or moisturizer on sensitive areas like lips, ankles and knees so that they will not turn darker. You can wipe sensitive areas after the application of the spray so that DHA will not be absorbed by the skin.