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The most important facial feature – the eyebrows!

Why should you go for permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is one kind of cosmetic correction. If you go for tattoos you will get a design similar to makeup. The permanent makeup can change the color of the skin. It can be applied at various parts of the body including face, lips, and eyelids. You can create artificial eyebrows as well. It is a great option to overcome issues associated with age and disease. By going for permanent makeup, you can conceal scars and spots on the skin.

What are the results?

As there are many permanent makeup methods, you should choose the best method to overcome the missing eyebrow hair. The microblading is the best option to overcome the issue. The technique is also termed as ‘embroidery’ or ‘feather touch’. By applying the technique, pigments will be introduced into the skin. By implementing the technique, it is possible to improve your eyebrows. New eyebrows can be created in this process.

The patient can exercise a color choice. The color choice opted by the patient will be mixed with natural pigments so that the net result will be in tune with the skin tone and hair tone. The procedure has thousands of years of history.

The process

The microblading technique will be implemented by depositing the pigment in the upper region of the dermis. The operation can be performed by using a hand tool or by using a machine.

Individual crisp hair strokes will be drawn for performing the operation and it will be similar to the permanent makeup brow treatment.  Needles of various sizes (diameters) will be used to plant hair follicles of different thicknesses. Thus, the entire procedure will deliver natural appearance.

A lasting pigment will be inserted in the upper layers of the skin so that lasting tattoo will be produced. After the completion of the procedure, the eyebrows will appear darker than normal eyebrows.

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