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Lash Extensions Make for Dynamic Eyes

Lash extensions are used exclusively to enhance the appearance of your eyes.

The Technique

Extending your lashes to give your eyes power to hold attention even in the boardroom is done following one lash at a time approach by a professional at a laser and skin clinic.

Lash extensions are not the same as false eyelashes that you purchase at cosmetic departments. These are individual lashes that are made of either synthetic or mink. As per the process, each lash is individually joined to your own lash- not to the skin around your lashes – and remains part of that lash until it falls out as a result of the natural growth cycle.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to have longer, fuller, more beautiful lashes without applying false lashes daily is the perfect candidate for lash extensions.

What to Know Before Deciding

  • Because special adhesives are used to prevent injury to your own lashes as well as to your eyes, this is not something that can … or should … be done by an amateur or at home.
  • It’s important that you discuss any and all your allergies with your technician and ask for information about the signs of allergic reactions and infections.
  • During the procedure, if you feel any sensation of burning or discomfort that makes your eyes tear up, you must speak up immediately. The glue may need to be changed and this is the time to do it.

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