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What Is Eclipse Micropen Needling?

Touted as one of the newest treatments available for severe skin conditions, Eclipse Micropen Needling, has had remarkable results already.

Before you think of any skin treatment, it’s important that your skin and laser clinic reviews the details of the processes. We, at Elite Laser, make sure we discusses entire procedure every step of the way, including any after-care needed, with you ahead of time so you can take informed decisions.

The Process

The micropen is a tool that is embedded with multiple teeny, tiny needles that are used to scrape across the skin and open channels that allows the healing serums to become absorbed fully. Technically, the skin is deliberately injured in the process in order to create a response, which ultimately generates new tissue and increases the growth of elastin and collagen production.

What Is It Used For?

While the Eclipse Micropen Needling treatment can be effective for common anti-aging rejuvenation, it is generally used for more serious skin conditions such as stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, cystic acne scarring or an alternative to tattoo removal.

In spite of the sound of it, the procedure is not generally painful but for those who are especially sensitive, a topical application can be used to temporarily numb the skin. Otherwise, the sensation is commonly described as a fine grade sandpaper being rubbed against the skin.

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