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BotoxWhat Should I Know About Botox?

No doubt, you’ve heard someone mention having had Botox injections (even if just a celebrity on television). In simple terms, Botox is a temporary option to circumvent plastic surgery.

Who It’s For?

The assumption that women are more likely to be concerned about their appearance has greatly faded: men are just as likely to want to maintain some semblance of youth.

Looking younger is an indication of health and vigor. In keeping with that, men and women who lost their jobs or careers with the disaster of the 2008 recession are now years older and competing with younger applicants for jobs and promotions. Good or bad, most businesses take into account the appearance of applicants.

How It Works?

Botox is a non-surgical treatment administered by a physician or your dermatologist. The treatment is used to reduce moderate or severe facial lines that may make a person either less attractive or look older than their years.

The solution is injected with a very fine needle that most describe as something similar to a bug bite in discomfort level. Lines disappear gradually over a period of several days to one full month after the injections and the treatment lasts for 3 to 4 months.

Where Do I Find Out If It’s For Me?

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